The working methodology of photography is of incredible interest to Louise te Poele.

Recording and capturing a moment, attempting to grasp time is her main concern.

Her work is like a diary - though it appears super stylized, it is in actual fact a

registration of her life. te Poele shows more than just obvious beauty.


The artist makes use of litter as an indispensable element. A fluttering piece of plastic,

bent straws, a wad scrunched here or there; each item selected with the greatest care,

placed and positioned just so, that no other way is conceivable.


Everything is fleeting, blowing away, dying. But before it does, te Poele offers us the most

exquisite glimpses of this temporary universe. With the right lighting, composition

and shutter speed, she creates a permanent record of the tableau. Before the bird

flies away again, before the plastic floats up into the heavens for good.  


Arnhem 2017