book launch Farmers and solo exhibition @ galerie Bart Amsterdam !


louise te poele book presentation Farmers

Jan Brand publisher ArtEZ Press and ArtEZ director @ book launch ' FARMERS' Galerie Bart  Amsterdam.



A photo taken during the opening of the solo show Farmers at Galerie Bart Amsterdam.


louise te poele farmers

the book: 'FARMERS' by Louise te Poele published by ArtEZ Press and d' Jonge Hond Publishers.

The prize of the book is, 49,50 euro.

Uitvoering: gebonden
Afmetingen: 33 x 48
Pagina's: 48
Illustratie: 20
NUR: 653
ISBN: 978-90-89102-22-5
Jaartal: 2011


The book is also available in a special edition, including a numbered and signed photoprint.

For more information contact d' Jonge Hond: