Louise te Poele's Draping photo's at the WinterSalon / location de WAAG Amsterdam until the 30th of January 2011


Louise te Poele at WINTERSALON


These pictures of drapes were taken as a promotion for the draping book " Draping, Art and Craftsmanship in Fashion Design'.But also because Rixt  van der Tol though

it would be an eternal pity, that her carfully-constructed drapes would end up in a closet and would disappear. There was somthing to be done with them to preserve them, and

we were given carte bland.


Her drapes are not just drapes, they are ingeniously draped reconstructions of the real classics, eg: Dior's " New Look' and ' le smoking' by Yves Saint Laurent. We chose not

to highlight the didactic function fo the drapes, as displayed in the book. But instead show the beauty of workmanship, the calico, chalk and pins, in an aesthetic thimeless manner.


Photography Louise te Poele

Drapings Rixt van der Tol and Annete Duburg

Hair and make up Djovrie Krus

Model Indra Welman